Customized Service

We attach great importance to the development of new products. Over the years, with our company’s high-quality suppliers as the resource center, through these external valuable resources that can be borrowed, the professional and powerful technical strength of each supplier, and the careful guidance of experts at home and abroad, our company has developed hundreds of species for customers around the world. New products for all areas of life. Our company always regards the customized research and development of new products as the fresh blood of the company’s development, and also reduces the risk for the development of customers and saves costs.

New product customization process:

Product confirmation CAS NO. Confirmation of structural formula and production process
Commissioned content Synthesis of several milligrams — several kilograms
Small amount of synthesis Various analysis and experiments
Customized-Service2 Several kilograms — hundreds of kilograms
Products when equipment is overloaded due to expanded production
Products requiring new equipment investment
Trial production Products that need to reduce production costs
Localization in imported products
Products with tight deadlines
Formal production Others (crushing, drying, refining, distillation, extraction, etc.)

We attach great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights in China:
We attach great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights and have established a comprehensive evaluation and confirmation system. Regardless of the method provided by foreign customers or the new method developed by us at home, Kailu will protect it as intellectual property. Especially in patents, we always adhere to the principle of non-infringement to avoid business disputes and ensure the smooth progress of products from research and development to mass production.